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Property development, like most things in life, is about teamwork. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, driven by the same goal and being able to work together to achieve the desired result..

It all starts with an idea. Your vision is property development but making it happen may require you to seek out others that are particularly skilled in their respective area of expertise.

Property development is an area that requires many different experts to combine their knowledge to ensure the process is as smooth as possible but also that you learn new things along the way so that you’re able to apply that knowledge to future endeavours.

The team is made up of core members, including property lawyers, finance brokers, property accountants, architects/draftspersons, builders, surveyors, quantity surveyors and project managers. Each will bring their individual talents and ideas to the team, guiding and advising along the way, and together you will build the foundations for a stable property development.

There are a few things to consider when building your dream property development team. Not just for their experience and qualifications (although these should be carefully considered), members should also be selected based on their ability to see your vision and their willingness to maintain a level of enthusiasm throughout the process. It can be a long process sometimes.

Your team will be with you every step of the way, so good rapport between all members, from the outset, is imperative. This will allow for frequent and honest communication. Other qualities, just as important, are confidence to present a well researched idea or strategy, even when it may not be a popular topic of discussion. Networking prowess, because sometimes it just might be who you know not what you know. Also, the ability to anticipate possible issues and prepare a plan of action. Equally, you must provide an environment where they feel comfortable in approaching you

with ideas and options for you to consider.

The team works cohesively to create a result that all are incredibly proud of.  It is an example where the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts.  This is due to the value created by consulting with each other and developing solutions and ideas that the team members would not generate individually.  The input from the other team members provides inspiration to even better results.


Great team members are extremely valuable in every sense of the word and can make or break the whole process for you. Property Development is a calculated risk taking exercise and can be a journey of highs and lows. You want to have people around you who are reliable, knowledgeable, open and committed to making your vision a reality.

Alleura recommends each individual seek the services of a qualified service provider before undertaking any financial investment. The information provided here is for general information purposes only. It is not intended as financial or investment advice.

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