subdivision development


You can turn a single-dwelling property or a large parcel of land into two or more completely detached residences with the right approval from council. 

However, like renovating, subdividing can be easier said than done. You need to make sure you have all the necessary permissions and that the extra properties you create will suit the block and the location. 

Rely on the professionals at Alleura to guide you through your subdivision project to success. 

Why Subdivide?

If you have a lot of land with only one residence on it and are looking to free up cash for your retirement, downsize so you have less garden to manage or generate an income from property in the long term, subdivision can be an excellent strategy. 

Property owners who subdivide choose to either: 

  • Leave their home ‘as is’ and add a new home or townhouse 
  • Demolish their property and develop two or more smaller homes on the block
  • Demolish and build numerous homes and sell them as house and land packages
  • Subdivide and sell a vacant lot or many lots

This strategy can be one of the best ways to unlock the value of your property and you can choose to sell once development is complete or live in one dwelling and rent out the other(s). 

Why work with Alleura?

Subdivision isn’t always straightforward and there are a lot of things to be aware of. 

When you work with Alleura, we will help you by establishing whether or not subdivision is possible, reviewing your property for potential risks such as flooding or access and service difficulties and helping you design the optimum civil and building solutions. 

Our team has experience in this area and can help you avoid common pitfalls such as being unaware of the costs involved, overspending, failing to get the right approval, unforeseen services and civil costs, working with unreliable builders or creating homes which do not meet buyer demands. 

To investigate the feasibility of a subdivision of your block, get in touch with Alleura today. 

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