Property Development & Project Management

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Property Development & Project Management

At Alleura, we live and breathe property development and project management, having been involved in many projects around Australia.

Our specialised residential development team has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as being experienced in property development and project management.

Larger property projects have the potential to pay off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As project managers, we offer our clients individually tailored development services from house development, residential apartment development and unit or townhouse development.

Our approach is highly strategic and is based on close attention to detail. We prefer not to take big risks and put in a lot of preparation and groundwork to ensure all our projects are high quality and provide positive returns. 

Our Projects

Alleura has project managed the development of property across the east coast of Australia, from Brisbane to Melbourne, creating premium-quality homes that have sold quickly to motivated buyers. 

Take a look at some of the homes we have worked on: 

Our Process

A successful property development process is highly strategic.

It begins with careful research and due diligence into the growth potential of a suburb and the financial viability of the project. At Alleura, we investigate current property values in the area, past performance and upcoming infrastructure plans to determine the feasibility of a project. 

After committing to develop a site, we pay close attention to detail at every step and enlist the help of seasoned professionals throughout the design, approval and construction process. 

Our team includes leading architects, interior designers, landscape architects and building professionals as well as our in-house project managers who carefully oversee every stage. 

The property development and project management process extends to premium marketing and working with outstanding real estate professionals to attract a high number of interested buyers and record breaking sales prices. 

As a result of our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we regularly deliver outstanding results to our clients.

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