Who wants Green, Cost-efficient Energy And Clean Energy for their home?

Green Energy Home

We’ve all heard the term ‘sustainable building’ and ‘green living’, but exactly what does it mean? How can we implement this in our new homes and developments?

Green Energy

Green energy is about harnessing the energy of renewable resources like sunlight, wind and rain and using this energy to generate power for us to use in our everyday lives.

In the past, green energy has been more of an afterthought. Something we added after the building was complete. However, new technologies and techniques make it easier to incorporate green energy solutions into the building process, making it part of your overall design while allowing you to maintain the style of your home.

It makes sense when building a new home that we maximise its potential. We consider the right size windows in the right location to capture certain aspects.  Often we include features that we may not need now but plan to use in the future, for instance additional bedrooms or recreation areas. Equally, we should consider the capability of our home and how we can make it operate more efficiently and sustainably, using green energy available to us, to offset utility costs and reduce our impact on the environment.

Green Energy Home

Today there are more options to make going green more aesthetically pleasing, music to the ears of developers and builders. In addition to hiding water storage tanks underground we now see an innovation in solar energy. The announcement of Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles was met with great excitement (see more about Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles here).


This is a good option for charging electric cars and perhaps something to think about in the future. The price point at the moment makes it a little expensive and we believe in the future either government incentives or pricing will be

more competitive. Our development, The Glen, is being constructed with consideration for a Powerwall.  Wiring will be in place for the future purchase and installation once pricing becomes more competitive.

Green Energy Home

Builders and developers are at the forefront of future planning, and green energy is just another aspect of this. We all strive for a beautiful home, and now you can have the added satisfaction of using green energy to make your home work more efficiently with a positive effect on your energy bills. As always with building, it’s all in the planning.  These methods for “going green” make it easier to incorporate them into our homes and make our neighbours “green” with envy.

There are so many options for Green Living or what is termed “Off the Grid” – rainwater tanks, solar panels, solar roof tiles, powerwalls, wind turbines, home automation, double glazing. Could you run your house entirely off the grid? Here at Alleura we are attempting this in “The Glen” and would love to look into options in the future.

Alleura recommends each individual seek the services of a qualified service provider before undertaking any financial investment. The information provided here is for general information purposes only. It is not intended as financial or investment advice.

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