By now, you have probably noticed that I don’t fit into the typical stereotype of a project manager or someone who owns a project management company. Because I’m not an older male with a background as a builder, some people do a double-take when I explain my role in the property industry. But I have never let that stop me.

How did I get into this profession and become sought after as a property developer, project manager and property investment consultant? I was largely inspired by my father.

A structural engineer and property developer with a strong entrepreneurial streak, my father encouraged me to stay outside my comfort zone and see what I could achieve. Thanks to him, I have always had a resolve to chase my passions, become educated and put my skills to the test in the real world. This included spending some of the early years of my career working for his firm, PSV Consulting Engineers.

Sadly, Dad passed away when I was 28. Instead of holding me back, the shock of his passing motivated me to build a secure financial future for myself and my family. As I have worked to achieve my own dreams, I have found the real rewards come from being able to use everything I learn to help others.

Creating a vision, achieving my goals

I knew I wanted to use property and the wealth-creating tips my father had shared with me to build a solid financial foundation but the journey wasn’t always easy. To stick with it, I created a vision and set goals for myself. I have never been one to look for shortcuts and my strategy has always been about long-term growth.

After developing my skills and gaining qualifications as a structural/civil engineer, I did endless research, invested in property and learned from my own mistakes. Once I felt I had the confidence and knowledge, I started the Alleura brand in 2010 and began operating it full-time in 2014 in the areas of both project management and property development.

Stepping out to do this, I left behind a paid contracting role in Project Management at a major bank. Had I known how challenging it would be to start out, I may not have acted so confidently! However, I have always been focused on my vision and my goals as a way to keep moving forward.

Expert Property Developer

Early success

My first project was a property I purchased located in Altona North in Melbourne, it had two units on one property title. My team and I renovated both properties and subdivided, which means we cut the block into two.

Within six months, we had made $90,000. This resulted from only two months of actual hard renovation work. The other few months we spent marketing and waiting for settlement.

I still have that cheque on my wall, and I remember feeling on top of the world when I got it. That was my first renovation and my first pay cheque in property. There’s nothing more encouraging than witnessing your hard work pay off, and seeing your vision become a reality at last.

I combined two strategies – renovation and subdivision – to get this profit. The process wasn’t easy, but it paid off and showed me what was possible.

Kavitha Vipulananda

Managing Director

A qualified and skilled Senior Project Manager/Development Manager with extensive construction and technology experience, Kavitha Vipulananda has a proven track record of managing the planning, implementing and delivery of construction projects on schedule and within budget.

With excellent verbal, written, communication and negotiation skills, Kavitha has a unique ability to analyse, understand and take control of the requirements of a construction project from start to finish.

Having worked in the construction, telecommunication, financial services and banking industries means Kavitha has proven experience applying Agile methodologies to the projects she manages.

Kavitha holds qualifications as a Structural Engineer and in Information Technology, giving her a cross-section of skills to draw from. The teams she works with find her to be detail-focused, reliable and highly methodical in her approach.

In 2020, Kavitha is applying her skills to complete at-risk and urgent construction projects. She is leveraging her previous experience in this area to help homeowners, home builders, banks and other lenders to ‘rescue’ projects and deliver outcomes that benefit all involved.

“There is always another option and solution to complete a project successfully. I’m highly driven to support my clients and help them find the best ways to continue to reach their goals.” – Kavitha Vipulananda.

Expert Property Developer



Our clients range from young individuals or couplesto middle-aged people, retirees, experienced property developers and consultants including architects and town planners.

You can contact us to help find you a site, renovate orsub-divide your home or start a development project from scratch. Alleura will help you minimise expenses and maximise return, creating a smoother, less stressful experience.

Alleura was created to make the property development process less complicated and save clients from making mistakes that cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We will give you all the advice you need, plus we can take on a project manager role so you don’t have the headache of dealing with town planners, builders, banks or real estate agents.

Of course! Hidden on your property are so many opportunities to improve its value. We can take a look and talk about renovating, subdividing or any of the easy wins which will grow the value of your property. Our services are available as project managers for any of your property needs.

You can take on your first property project solo but be warned! Without qualifications or experience you will hit roadblocks and pitfalls that will eat into your profits.

If you’re serious about making the maximum returns from your property investment, putting some budget towards professional help will make the experience simpler and far more profitable.

In return for a fee, the team at Alleura can assess your site and make recommendations to maximise its value. From here, we can design a home or collection of townhouses, facilitate council approval, project manage the build from start to finish and even do the marketing for you. Contact us to discuss the costs involved with leveraging our services.

Sell, lease or move in! What you decide to do will depend on your circumstances and your goals. We can help you make a decision about the strategy that will deliver the results you hope to achieve. We also work closely with accountants and financial planners and can even speak to them with you, if you require.

Led by property professional Kavitha Vipulananda, Alleura is a small team of renovation, subdividing and new build experts. We are your dedicated consultants and project managers, helping you navigate the often choppy waters of property development and guiding you towards success.

Today! Contact Kavitha and the team at Alleura for your initial consultation or for an assessment of your property. You’ll find the details on the back cover of this magazine.