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Project Recovery

Australia’s recent economic times have put many projects at risk of not being completed. 

However, the unfortunate event of a builder going into liquidation, running out of budget sooner than expected or suddenly finding it difficult to access funding does not have to mean all is lost. 

Property Project Recovery

At Alleura, we have leveraged our experience and contacts within the property and construction industry several times to help a difficult project make it across the line. 

To help, we engage a team of experts who specialise in project recovery, including providing support for insurance claims (if possible), connecting you with financial specialists and engaging new builders. 

With our help, stressful situations can be turned around to achieve positive outcomes for your project.

How We Help

If your property development project is in jeopardy, there are always options. Often, it is hard to understand what your options are if you don’t have the right team to support you. 

Enlist our help to fast-track the successful completion of your property project and we will investigate: 

  • Options for accessing alternative funding
  • Finding builders to take over
  • Accessing insurance money, where applicable
  • Gaining expert evidence, if required
  • Legal recourse if relevant
  • Replacing any contractors or consultants that are not performing
  • Provide an independent birds-eye view on the best way to move forward

We can connect you to financial specialists, insurance experts, lawyers, consultants and take over the project management, if you so require us to. We can collaboratively review all the elements of your project and find ways to bring it to completion. 

Project complications, funding changes or trouble with builders don’t mean you have to walk away or sell at a loss. Contact the experts at Alleura for more information on property project rescue today.

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