Where do we put it all? Storage options for Brand New Homes

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Have you ever known someone who has moved into a brand new home, only to discover there is not enough storage?

Undoubtedly, no one wants to have a home that is simply cupboard after cupboard after cupboard, but neither does anyone want a home filled with clutter.

Grandma used to say, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

With this in mind, we wanted to look at some of the contemporary storage options for the modern home which combine style and functionality whilst embracing effective use of space.

The very first step, when designing storage for a new home is to itemise what will need to be stored in the various rooms or areas to ensure there is sufficient space for everything.


Houzz has some sensational options for the kitchen to ensure your home storage design is luxurious and extremely convenient to use.

Firstly consider the finish and detail.  Allow the style to flow through to include the sides of cabinetry as well as the doors.  Also ensure that space is utilised creatively where appropriate.  Slide out storage for wine, spices, utensil or tray dividers allow space to be used more effectively.  Cabinetry that continues to the ceiling adds additional storage for items which are necessary, but used less often.

Walk-in Pantries and Butlers’ Pantries are useful inclusions in kitchens.  The large space allows all food items and preparation items to be stored where they can be easily accessed and operated.  Having electrical power points installed in the Butler’s Pantry allows kitchen gadgets to be used in place, eliminating clutter and mess from the visible benchtops.

Consider using some narrower spaces between cupboard shelving and attaching baskets to the backs of doors to further increase the usable storage space.  Slide out drawers rather than fixed shelving for deep cabinetry allows ease of access to the backs of those spaces.

storage options for new homes

Custom designed cabinetry would be worth considering if the home is architecturally designed to include unusual angles or curves.  This would ensure that the building design can be enhanced without limiting the amount of storage space.

If you can also use the “invisible” space, it will allow for greater versatility for storage.  Each home may have different potential.  Here is one ingenious wine cellar solution.

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As with kitchens, spaces such as laundries and bathrooms can also incorporate clever cabinetry design.  Slide out shelves allow access to narrow spaces.

As these rooms are often smaller, there can be small sections of wasted space if not carefully designed.  Inserting an in-wall cavity or slide out panel can increase the functionality and storage in areas not otherwise easily accessible.

Safety is a major consideration also.  Any chemicals, detergents or medications should be stored in a suitable secure cabinet.

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storage options for new homes


Bedrooms should be a place to relax but they also contain many personal items.  Spare bedrooms are also whole storage rooms when there are no visitors.  Storage options can reflect peace and tranquillity conducive to sleep whilst being functional and spacious.

For personal items to be displayed, have open shelving that allows these items to be celebrated.  Cavity spaces cut into internal walls accommodated by the framework spacing, allow this to be accomplished subtly.  Lighting can be introduced for effect also.

For everyday or special items that need to be hidden away, design the storage accordingly.  Ensure that items such as medications which need to be accessed readily are within easy reach, but stored securely, especially if there are small children.

Walk in Robes are useful to contain everything with simplicity. The internal design of this space can include hanging, shelving and drawers allowing all items to be easily viewed and accessed as required.

Under-bed storage is an often overlooked space.  With hydraulic support brackets, the mattress is lifted to reveal a large storage space.  Alternatively, provided the room is wide enough, a bed base frame can be incorporated in the design which includes slide out drawers for storage.

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Dressers can be stylish and functional as well.  Modern cabinetry alternatives make it possible to conveniently store all manner of cosmetics and beauty items, whilst complementing the overall theme of the bedroom.  These can be built in to utilise all corners or perhaps they can be free-standing pieces for effect.

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Ideally living spaces are for living, so it is perfect if storage can be surreptitious in these areas.  Clever, unobtrusive storage works well, such as:

  • Trap Doors or False Floors to use the space below our feet.
  • Fold Down desks which close away when not in use mounted on walls.
  • The space under stairs can be converted into slide out cabinet sections.
  • Furniture items, including tables, benches and ottomans, can be opened to reveal space inside.
  • Shelves in hard to reach corners provide additional display space.
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Each additional storage space included allows the sleek, clean modern image to shine through.

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Pegboards and hangers are very effective.  The more items that can be lifted off the floor or ground, the neater the area will be.

Tools are easily found and returned after use when there is a specific space designated for them.

Awkward items, such as bicycles and hoses, can be hung so they are stored neatly.

When designing your new home, including an external storage area for large garden items is very useful, without compromising the style of the home.  Ground floor storage that is accessible internally and externally is especially useful.  Consider incorporating a wet area/sink for cleaning, keeping everything contained.

To extend the overall visual appeal of the home, consider a themed external room for storage.  These can be a work space, office or total storage or a combination.

This coastal retreat by Beth Dana Designs is just such an example.  https://www.bethdana.com/projects/coastal-retreat/


If careful consideration of storage requirements is done during the home design phase, it can eliminate future issues which could arise.

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