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Property development is one area where marketing techniques have grown from traditional methods like scale models and rendered plans to embracing technology with the use of virtual reality and life size walk throughs.

Marketing your property to stand out among the myriad of others is the challenge.  In Australia today, developers are competing with a tonne of other developments.  Keeping front of mind and ahead of the pack is paramount. A polished marketing strategy can really set you apart. More than static marketing lines convincing people of reasons why you’re their best investment option, marketing today is about helping the customer visualise their purchase; putting them right in the space.

If you’ve visited a property development display centre you’ve probably seen rendered plans and perspectives, giving potential buyers a sense of the development in a 2D perspective. This conventional method is still commonplace and now coupled with the use of aerial photography and video. Both these mediums make a big visual impact to draw people to your project initially.

Attention grabbing scale models, detailing the colours, finishes and intricate details of a building are a great selling point and one that has stood the test of time. The great thing about models is that the developers can showcase the property’s interaction with the surrounding area and proximity to notable geographical features. Modelling is by far the most cost effective tool commonly used by property developers.

One step further is the virtual reality (VR) model where interested parties don a set of goggles to transport them into a virtual world where they can explore their future apartment. Not just a gimmick, VR is now being used internationally in all types of scenarios from education to rehabilitation and of course, marketing. An increasingly powerful technique that implies you, as the developer, are at the forefront of technology and your industry.

Another way prospective buyers are shown their space is by life size walk throughs. Developers are getting on board this method of visualisation. It starts with a full-scale projection of the plan on a warehouse floor where the rooms are fitted with sample furniture items, some walls in place and ceiling heights demonstrated to give you a real feel for the space and what it is like to walk through your very own dwelling, before it’s built.

Social media and public relations is a big component of any marketing strategy, although mainly done behind the scenes. Having positive comments and reviews on social media, favourable articles written or community spirit accolades noted publicly can enhance the status of your brand. Capitalising on trending topics like sustainability or buzz phrases like ‘architecturally designed’, developers can present this information to the public via the press and social media outlets to capture a wider audience.

With many ways to reach a targeted group of prospective buyers, property developers are using a combination of marketing tools in their strategy to promote the benefits of their development. Advancements in technology and developers’ hunger to outshine their competitors means they are now going above and beyond to interact effectively. Buying properties off the plan has never been so engaging.

DISCLAIMER – Alleura recommends each individual seek the services of a qualified service provider before undertaking any financial investment. The information provided here is for general information purposes only. It is not intended as financial or investment advice.

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