Functional Furniture with Space Saving Concepts

When we furnish small spaces, we look for pieces of stylish furniture which will suit multiple functions.  These might include a desk incorporated into a bed space in a child’s bedroom or a bed which folds up into the wall in a guest room.


Some key features we look for are:

  • Style – We have a design style that we want to maintain
  • Contemporary Design – It’s important to stay current and on-trend
  • Clever functionality – So important that it is functional but also simple to use
  • Space Saving – Space is at a premium
  • Superior Construction – Quality is at the essence of everything
  • Versatility – Furniture should be suitable to a range of people.


We have collected some innovative examples here which inspire us.

Furniture which is Space Saving with Versatility

Have you considered where to store some extra chairs?  Would a table that stored away against the wall be useful?  What about this?  With the folding chairs hung neatly on the wall, and the lift up table ideally located beneath the display and storage shelves, this combination is very useful for a small chic space.

functional furniture

Contemporary Design for Furniture

This contemporary piece combines shelving, storage, relaxation and an office desk very cleverly.  It’s ability to provide storage, functionality and versatility from all sides displays a thoughtful design process.  Making use of areas that other furniture pieces fail to use makes this a much more useful item.

functional furniture

Clever Functionality

Clever design allows this chaise to slide conveniently into the display space.  The design work that goes into creating a jigsaw-style furniture piece is both innovative and enticing.  It meets the key features we look for with Style, Contemporary Design, Clever Functionality, Space Saving, Superior Construction and Versatility with ease.

functional furniture

Furniture that has multiple uses

Is this a coffee table or a laptop desk?  Being able to use a single piece of furniture for multiple purposes ensures that the space is being used effectively.  Purpose built for a small condo or apartment, the functionality is ideal.

functional furniture

Superior Construction with Clever Functionality

Are visitors staying the night?  This lounge converts to a bed swiftly.  Maximising the space in a small area with furniture that can be transformed easily to another use is extremely beneficial.  Avoiding the need for a spare bedroom, an elegant and contemporary sofa makes the ideal addition to accommodate visitors.

functional furniture

Style, Function, Contemporary Design – Furniture Choices do not need to be limiting.

There are some useful examples here, including a coffee table that lifts up to be a desk and a bed that folds away into the wall.  Being able to adjust the height of furniture to suit the task or utilise otherwise wasted space in wall cavities allows an abundance of functionality to be incorporated into a small room or apartment.

Space Saving Furniture - Alleura - Project Managers for Boutique Property Development

What other examples do you have?  Do you have any in your home?  What do you wish you could have?  Please let us know in the comments.

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