Being a Female in the Male Dominated Property Development Industry is the New Black of Real Estate

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Go for it…dream big…you can do it. This is the advice we all hear from well meaning supporters.

We are all sold the dream of unlimited opportunity and potential, but the truth is, being a female in a male dominated industry like Property Development can be tough and until you are in the trenches you are ill equipped for the issues you will face. Your main obstacle – years of tradition.

So, not only are you breaking into an area where you are a minority, but you quickly find yourself being a teacher, a pioneer and a spokesperson, paving the way for the next generation. It comes with the territory of being a minority and can be a major distraction from your actual role.

Now that we’re talking tradition, think about the qualities that are traditionally associated with women – great communication skills, implementing systems and processes, a balance of logical thinking and visual thinking. Imagine the value that just these few attributes can add to any industry.

The perceived negatives might be an inability to assert authority, not being objective and acting indirectly.

These pros and cons can add something that has been missing in a traditionally male dominated field. A fresh approach can be a great advantage and one that women should be encouraged to explore and industries entrenched in tradition should be open to experiencing.

It can feel like an uphill battle, continually facing obstacles that are often unfairly placed before you to prove your worth and test your position. You will be pitted against tradition and how things used to be done and often the focus is more about how you look or how you react rather than the work you have done. The challenge for any female in a male dominated industry is to maintain a balance of the passion and survival skills.

Female Property Development Industry

Don’t look at this as a negative. Think of it as an opportunity to showcase your attributes to an audience that has not been exposed to the traits you possess. Like a secret weapon, it is in their best interest to take notice and welcome your specific talents to create a well rounded industry.

This is not for the faint hearted. It is a job in itself, to be able to hold court with your mostly male peers and colleagues and deliver your message, but there is immense satisfaction in holding your position with integrity and feminine wile and breaking down some barriers along the way.

Quote – ‘It’s not easy to go first but someone has to do it’

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