Property investors for many years have been growing their property investment portfolios by knowing when and where to buy. Now with the help of Alleura you also have the advantage of our knowledge and experience to help you invest. We offer investment solutions from the ground up – we do all the hard work for you.

The benefits of buying off the plan and locking in your price before any price increases are well known.  By securing your property with only a small deposit, you gain from the returns of your investment over the construction period – where else can you get returns on an investment with a deposit as low as 10%. In addition, there are many other incentives like stamp duty savings and first home owner grants available. The security of knowing you have such a great team behind you offers peace of mind throughout the construction period.

For those looking at multi unit developments you could be the first pick off the plan –  waiting until the end could mean that you miss out on the investment you wanted.

We can assist you build your property investment portfolio of:

Set yourself up for success. Contact us today – don’t be the one who misses out!

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