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What's Included:

A personalised one hour call with property investing expert KavithaV

An explanation of the steps you can take to grow your property portfolio, starting NOW

A perfect-fit bespoke action plan is provided to enable you to reach the goals you have set and strut your new financial style. Stand Tall!


The Property Source

During the time I have known Kavitha, her professionalism has shone through in both demeanour and projects. She has a wealth of knowledge around property investment and I love the impact she is making on others, especially women. I’m excited about Kavitha’s future and the positive difference she’s making to the planet.

Abhishek Baxi Testimonial

Abhishek B.
Western Australia

Alleura and I entered into a Joint Venture, they Project Managed the entire development. They had done all the initial research on feasibility of the development with detailed costing and in depth understanding of the life cycle of the project. They used a fair and conservative approach to the feasibility process and thus myself and the project had a solid understanding from outset. The permit and council process demonstrated that Alleura has the right industry knowledge, contacts and understanding of the Property Development process to preempt, manage and execute required milestones for timely development. All projects will face challenges, and Alleura met challenges head on and dealt with any issues for the Project. In selling and commercialisation of the townhouses, Alleura demonstrated extensive marketing ability and adjusted strategies to a dynamic market. They worked extensively with buyer desires and builder requirements to ensure a happy purchaser and thus project success.



If for whatever reason you see that session or my teachings did not serve you well, please don’t hesitate to contact me to request for a refund.



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